Brian R. Gray P.Eng. is a retired professional consulting Geotechnical Engineer. He enjoyed playing Duplicate Bridge for 5 years so much so, that he wrote this book for Newcomer and Contract Bridge players (like himself) who want the challenge of the Duplicate Bridge game format and would benefit from his mistakes/experiences.

Brian initially started writing to update his partnership agreement with his twin brother, Wayne…his regular partner for the past 5 years. He spent time reviewing the Hand Record results of their games and writing copious notes on what went right or wrong.

Brian was fortunate to be partnered with two experienced players who mentored him on the bridge procedures and the game itself. He thought it would be very helpful to Newcomers to the game to have the necessary information for success in a single book at their finger tips. 


Brian can still remember how nervous he was for his second game walking into a hall set up for 30 bridge tables, unfamiliar with the Duplicate Bridge environment and not knowing a soul or having a partner! 


This Newcomer’s Guide will teach all you need to know to easily navigate the Bridge table and allow you more time to concentrate on improving your bidding, declaring and defensive skills….more fun making new friends and successful partnerships.


Brian and his wife Rosemary enjoy social bridge with family and friends. Rosemary plays socially twice a week with friends and at the condo bridge club while Brian is down at the local MObridge club doing his thing. They also enjoy cruising, time at the cottage, golfing, bowling, singing in a musical group and time with friends and extended family.


Brian (left) and Wayne (right) are 73 year old twin brothers who began playing Duplicate Bridge about 5 years ago at MObridge, Mississauga, ON. They both played bridge at university. Bridge was our nightly entertainment on our many golf trips.


Brian and Wayne don’t think their Hearts on their sleeves but about halfway through a session they get asked about their game results,” Are you Brothers Gray or Brothers Grim?!” 


Both are very sympathetic to Newcomers’ struggles to learn the bidding, declaring and defensive skills. They’ve been there, done that: learn from our mistakes/experience. Brian and Wayne would be pleased to answer any Newcomer questions. Email them at  brianrgray@rogers.com



What would a book launch be without a CONTEST!!

Since the book is about Duplicate Bridge, I thought we should have a  ‘Name that BRIDGE CONTEST.


PHOTO 1 What is the name the Resort, Town and Country? 

PHOTO 2 What is the name the River, City and Country? 

PHOTO 3 What is the name the River, Town and Country?

Send your answers to bridgebeginnermentor@rogers.com Marked CONTEST ENTRY. 

The contest will end midnight June 30, 2022. The winner will be the earliest received Email with the nine correct answers. There will be weekly clues (each Monday) for those readers who are geographically challenged. The first prize will be $25 and an autographed copy of “A Newcomer’s Guide”. 

Additional autographed book copy prizes will be awarded to the next five correct entries according to the Email date. Contestants may make multiple entries but only the latest dated Email will be considered. Names of the winners will be presented on this website. The decision of the Author will be final.

Like the game of Bridge…

let’s have some Fun!!  

No correct answers received yet!! 

Clue No.1 The native language spoken in the country of each bridge is as follows; 

Photo 1  Spanish  Photo 2  Italian  Photo 3 English 

Clue No. 2 The approximate age of each bridge is as follows; 

Photo 1 29 years,  Photo 2  408 years , Photo 3     5years 

Clue No. 3  Unscramble the letters to disclose the country where each bridge is located. 

Photo 1  ABCU   Photo 2 YTLIA    Photo 3  NAAADC