To Bridge clubs and members, let’s make the most of the opportunities afforded to us to enhance the game we love!

Club life, thoughtfulness to others, and charitable works should be embraced and celebrated!


ACBL is an organization of bridge ♣♣♣ (clubs), whose members have big ♥♥♥ ( hearts), love the game of bridge and enjoy ♠♠♠ (spades) working to bring joy to others through their thoughtfulness to perform ♦♦♦ (diamonds) valuable charitable works.


I have always been a fan of Barbara Seagram and whole-heartedly support her charitable initiatives “Our Projects in Laos” and “Cambodia & Our Projects” by Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee.

The Author is donating $0.50 for each book sold. You too can add your support to these worthwhile and important endeavours by using the donation button. Every $ counts, you’ll feel good knowing your support is doing so much good for the less fortunate.

Visit for an update on these projects and of course all that Barbara offers at her Toronto School of Bridge and her Bridge Store.