A Newcomer’s Guide is a stress-free introduction to Duplicate Bridge. Let’s get started.    


This FriesenPress publication, a 124 page instructional  book  presents the basic information for a Beginner/Novice to learn and master the Duplicate Bridge game format and, environment, and bidding, playing and scoring procedures.

You will learn about Bridge etiquette, Zero Tolerance and Play Nice programs, game format and equipment, important How to Procedures (fill in a convention card, make a call using the bidding box, make an opening lead, trick arrangement, inspection and count, prevent Partner’s revoke, BridgeMate, Total Point and MatchPoints scoring systems and so much more.

The book has been described as friendly, informative, witty, insightful, humourous and totally awesome with engaging visual supports and delivers on the promised fun activity…a Grand Slam 7NT!

Bridge is a fun game.You’ll meet new friends who will help explain the materials (photos to left). This Newcomer Guide is well organized and comprehensive, a great resource book. The rules and concepts are communicated clearly and succinctly in a positive, warm and welcoming tone.

A Newcomer’s Guide also includes special articles, for example Marty Bergen’s “21 Rules of Being a Good Partner” and Anne Sixsmith’s “How to be Happy Playing Bridge”. Great reading and resource information for Beginners and Contract Bridge players transitioning to Duplicate.

The most important information for your successful accelerated start is at your fingertips and will ensure you have the confidence to play Duplicate Bridge with more fun and enjoyment…so much so you will become a regular club player and join the American Contract Bridge League. Down the road, you may be inspired to recruit a friend or two to partner and play this wonderful game of Duplicate Bridge.

Question; if a group of peacocks is called a “muster”, a group of turkeys is called a “rafter” and a group of rhinoceroses is called a “crash”, what would you call a group of bridge tables with Players doing their thing?

Answer: A FUN TIME!!  Also called a session.