Duplicate Bridge is a fun and challenging card game, the world’s best mind sport. Let be be your newcomer guide and mentor. Learn from my mistakes/experiences.

“A Handy Bridge Player’s Guide To Duplicate”  is just what the Director ordered, whether you are a student taking lessons, a contract bridge player (like me) who wants to try this different bridge game format, or a former player wanting to return to the game after several years’ absence and would benefit from a refresher course.

Newcomers, especially all who have learned online during the pandemic and may actually have never yet played face-to-face in a live club game will be guided through all aspects of the game in preparation for your debut at the club bridge table.

This Tellwell publication, a 159 page instructional  book  presents the basic information for a Beginner/Novice to learn and master the Duplicate Bridge game format and, environment, and bidding, playing and scoring procedures.

You will learn about Bridge etiquette, Zero Tolerance and Play Nice programs, game format and equipment, important How to Procedures (fill in a convention card, make a call using the bidding box, make an opening lead, trick arrangement, inspection and count, prevent Partner’s revoke, BridgeMate, Total Point and MatchPoints scoring systems and so much more.

For the more experienced players, there is a separate chapter for interesting topics: Comparable Bids, Psychic Bidding, and bidding and playing techniques (Principles of Fast Arrival, Restricted Choice and The Transferred King, and the Rule of 15).

Frequently referred to Bridge rules and laws are clearly explained. This knowledge will empower you to confidently make a Director’s call  when an infraction occurs to your advantage.

Bridge is a fun game.You’ll meet new friends who will help explain the materials (photos to left). This Newcomer Guide is well organized and comprehensive, a great resource book. The rules and concepts are communicated clearly and succinctly in a positive, warm and welcoming tone.

There is so much to absorb along your journey that you will read and reread this resource book. There are informative chapters on Awards and Rank Requirements, The National Grading Scheme, Online Bridge and Youth Bridge to keep up your interest.

A special feature of the book permits the reader to get a glimpse of how the game is played in “Twin Bridge Clubs”, Stamford Bridge Club Lincolnshire UK and Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club Ontario Canada. You will learn the principal differences of the game and quickly be able to adapt to the EBU and ABCL  formats.

Extensive Appendices simplifies the learning process the the forms, charts and pertinent articles right a your finger tips.

I wish I’d had this Handy Guide when I started playing. Lucky you, now you do! While reading this book, my goal was to keep your smiling and hearing your say, “I didn’t know that… That will be useful”!