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I haven’t played Duplicate for the past 15 months during the pandemic. After reading your book, I didn’t realize I had forgotten so much! Your second book is a CORNUCOPIA of useful bridge information for the Newcomer and Intermediate player. Enjoyed several topics from procedural errors to system scoring explanation. Will definitely recommend your book-Wayne Gray, MObridge.

(A Newcomer’s Guide) is so good and so good for beginners. The things you need to learn are right there. It makes the transition (to Duplicate Bridge) so much easier. Now it is right here for everyone to read. So proud of you for taking your love of the game of bridge and how well you play it to others who are just starting. Congratulations on a second book (A Handy Bridge Player’s Guide)! Look at you…way to go…you are amazing…keep up the good work. Jerry Howarth, MObridge.

What are Beginners and Intermediate players, teachers, writers  and club directors saying? They all are in agreement. The verdict is unanimous. They just love  ‘A Handy Bridge Player’s Guide’, a tremendous resource book- a cornucopia of useful information to help guide the newcomer and intermediate player to understand the fundamentals and more of this intriguing game of Duplicate Bridge.


Looks terrific. Well done. SUCH a lot of work-Barbara Seagram, renowned teacher and writer.


I enjoyed your book a great deal. I think you have covered an awful lot and for someone who is not used to playing duplicate, it is a very handy guide. I thought you covered everything (and more) in your book, and it takes the reader from a duplicate beginner to quite a fair standard. I have only very few ideas for improvement I’m afraid, which I attach. That might mean I haven’t done my job very well, but I suspect that it is more to do with your authorship. So, well done, and good luck with it- David Banks, Stamford Club Director.


Well done YOU!! Such energy! Tremendous! Also really appreciate you ‘promoting’ Stamford Youth Bridge. Good luck with “A Handy Bridge Player’s Guide to Duplicate’. And sincerely hope you get the sales you deserve. Love the way it is set out. Thank you and Best wishes- Liz Dale, Retired SYBA Leader.


It (the book) does look like an interesting approach to bring new people into the bosom of the Bridge club based clearly as it is your own experience of the game and from the perspective of having played on both sides of the Atlantic. It does also appear to be very thorough in its coverage of everything the club novice could possibly encounter- Alan Shillitoe, EBU Youth Bridge.


Magnus Opus!- Robin Pugsley, Stamford partner.


Your Guide is informative, humourous, fantastic and totally awesome. You have the uncanny knack of helping all players of all levels to lighten up about Bridge and not be nervous when learning the game; all in a concise book. The second book is equal if not better than the first; you’re one talented man. Keep safe – Crystal Ingoldsby Bronze Life Master, Mobridge.


Well, I am impressed (book cover). In Britain, the word they would use is “Brilliant”. I don’t hear North Americans use this word, so get used to using it Brian when the book takes off-Anne Sixsmith, Ruby Life Master, Co-Editor,